things i should make it done ;D

1. i want a mini cooper

2. have my own restaurant

3. travelling far away from m’sia

4. learn ball dance

5. get married when im 27

6. witness a commet flying across the sky

7. having a day with my family (treated by me)

8. buy a jacket from m&s, esprit, springfield, n c.k.

9. learn drifting

10. buy a car with my own money

11. having a big house

12. throw a party with those wildhogs

13. graduate

14. having a girlfren sumday

15. going to ireland

16. having 100 cd of mp3

17. fly in air baloon

18. singing while playing guitar

19. having RM 1k to spend on a vacay

20. sleep all day

that’s all.. i’ll add more.. 😀


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