about me ;)

being myself!

being myself!

my name is ariff aka donut..live in shah alam but now currently doing further study.. always melepak and most of the time being with my frens.. i love to eat n eat n eat..also enjoying futsal but im kinda person who less sleep..vacation n holiday is a very gud time for me to relax..always travelling wif my bestfrens, housem8, n my recreation club.. im a liverpool fan! so if u r man utd, chelsea, arsenal, real madrid or barca, watch out for liverpool! because u’ll never walk alone šŸ™‚


7 thoughts on “about me ;)

  1. .wawaRAWKS. on said:

    elehh !
    man utd aa wehh HAHA šŸ˜€

  2. donutss on said:

    x maw! aku nk liverpool jugak!

  3. hohoho.. melepak?? one of my fav event in life…
    eat, eat, eat, eat, until cannOt thn already.. do visit my blOg site okayh!! tata
    p/s: DBS perform besh an???

  4. donutss on said:

    yes lepak itu best.. haha! jap jap..camner taw pasal DBS? ade pegi gig jugak arituh?

  5. hohoho.. DBS??? ak dak uitm seri iskandar, agak tahu kOwt ngan DBS, plus ngan one of the grOup mmber is my fwen, lalalala… tp tuh arr, sedeyh glew xdpt tgk gig uhh… jaO sgt…. n then for sure lar my mOm xkasi cOz lagi seminggu frOm that day mau register… uwaaa… neway, nk tny nie, u ade videO diOrg perfOrm x??

  6. donutss on said:

    video dorg? ade kat hp alan.. tapi 15 mins je.. yang laen tuh x record sbb i lupe nk tekan record.. hahahha!

  7. sabo je arr.. hahaha… ^_^

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