the new me

Evening everyone. I’m not talking much now because I’m sooooo sleepyyyehhh! Today I wanna share a new pic of me. I know past few year I’ve been told that I look so boyishly and now I wanna change the fact that I’m not that long haired and a snowcap type of person anymore. I’ve been travelling much and I saw lots of people with diff attitude and manners. So for me, I am still me just that the appearence of me changing into more “fierce” looking guy. Don’t worry, I’m a good person.

quitting for a good reason

A few phrases from KL Gangster,
Lu kasi gua mati dulu la baru gua bole diam!

arep donut
27th april 2011

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One thought on “the new me

  1. GEMOK lah sial 😀

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