exam mode

Its now April already. Its also exam month for UITM, hoorayyyyyyyy!

Pause it right there! Hooray? are u freaking insane? Its the most boring and quiet time for the student! Everyone bring along their notes and books wherever they go. “Hey! Wanna chilled out for some martini?” and the student says “no man, I’m in an exam mode. Got a lot to catch up. I’m srry buddy.”

Seeeeeeee? This will eventually loosen the bond between u and ur frens! Fuck this exam! I got to change my daily routines.

7am – jog (saturday and sunday)
9am – book
11am – books
1pm – lunch
3pm – more book
330pm – Zzz Zzz Zzz
8pm – book this book that
10pm – boooooook!
11pm – max hunger
2am – fuck book
215am – sleep! 🙂

My exam start on 28th april and I’m studying like shit now. Based on what u guys see, there’s only one time i did a smiley thing which is SLEEP. Everyone love to sleep. For the record. I’m now a morning person and this……. is what happening to me now. See u guys on my next post. Bye readers! Wish me luck!

25th april 2011
arep donut

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