happy 21st birthday!

happy birthday donut!

i post this for my self because i aint got story to tell.. LOL.. im on facebook for the couple of month till yesterday n i found out facebook makes me feel addicted to it! its like a drug u know.. hmmm.. ok ok.. lets begin with the title which is happy birthday..

here’s the thing is.. apart from having a lovely family, a beautiful gf and crazy ass-faces bestfren, i realize that i got plenty off frens.. its because all the wishes i got from the facebook! i know that facebook have a column for this week bufday reminder, but for me, i think that they do remember my birthday.. because i got like almost 150 birthday wishes from them.. haha! i never tot that many.. most of them comes from my mate in university, place that i live, ex school mate, cousins n ex work-mate!

whatever it is.. im still glad that facebook still let me keep in touch with them.. thanks again facebook..

but there’s still one person i still wait for her to say happy birthday.. i dont know maybe shes forgot my birthday.. but since she got her new boyfren, she seems to say that “i dont need anyone because i got my boy here!”.. hey c’mon! were being bestfren for years, n now a guy came n took everything? im not being jealous, just that im a bit unhappy with ur attitude.. am i do sumthing wrong or what? gimme a break for that because all i know that im the one that u call when u got urself drown into misery..! damn it..

should this post called “uncomplete birthday wishes/facebook reminder!” ? much better.. ahoy mates! 🙂

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One thought on “happy 21st birthday!

  1. arep. siapa bestfren kau tu? teruknya. pfft

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