Bom Diaaaaa!

wednesday 8th july 2009



did you know what is “bom dia” means? I do not really know the meaning is but I think it is an African word and it is a way to say “welcome”.. in malaysia, we can always heard it when we having a meal at any Nandos nationwide.. haha! enough of that.. lets get back to main point here.. the point is my frens n myself went to Nandos to have a dinner.. it is a good way for having a chat n laugh n bring up the story of what happened during semester break.. it is a gud dinner for us n of course, it cost a lot.. money did buy happiness.. haha!

RM 131.35

RM 131.35

Bye! Take care!

donuts – 2.45am

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2 thoughts on “Bom Diaaaaa!

  1. .wawaRAWKS. on said:

    rase er time nehh 1st time kite jumpe, HAHA 😀

  2. bom dia means GOOD DAY.. =)
    and its portugese word..

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