nerve-ears 2009 the gig! :D

saturday 28th june 2009

yesterday i woke up early  at 1pm.. y? stop! stop laughing! 1pm still early for me..who cares? arghh! nevermind.. back to the topic above, yesterday im having my day at paul’s place.. it is going to have a gig called “NERVE-EARS CHAP 2“..

i go there with atin, atin’s lil bro, adib and also with “dahlia by the stairs (DBS)” members which is azam(vocalist), muiz(bassist), shuk(lead guitarist), azhar(guitarist) n alan(drummer).. DBS r going to perform at 6.30pm that day.. we heading to paul’s place at 3pm..

when we arrived there, my first thought is “where is the gig?! there’s no sound of mic, guitar or even a drum! salah tempat kot..” but azam said “kat sini lah.. kat atas tuh..xde band dtg lagi kot.. tu pasal la senyap je..”

the ticket

the ticket

actlly, that place is not big enough for performing a gig.. thats my opinion lah.. then i realize that, it suppose to be small place because there’s so a few who come for that gig.. just about 30 people including the band.. it can even counting by my own finger! 😦

at 6.45pm, after a few screaming shouts, head banging, jumping n lisa’s diary performed, it is now turned for DBS to perform! yeah! i feels gud about it! they r doing some sound checking n they r ready to perform live.. 😉

at first, only a few of crowd r at the mosh pit.. then, when muiz hit the beat of the bass, everything turns to wild.. the crowds who r sitting started to stand n shouting for DBS! yay! come come to the pit! eventhough there’s only less than 20 people, it seems fun to me.. 😀











the 1st song is spike, 2nd song is cant stop, 3rd song is elintro, 4th song is shake n stir, 5th song is sayonara lonely n the last song is hero.. thy totally nailed the audience here! it was fun because i can sing along with the band n the crowd.. azhar make a liltle mistake n thats make all the audience laughing.. thats nice azhar! 😀

rambot aku afro siot! adib kene cocok idong dgn shuk, alan azam azhar geleng kepale laju-laju.. muiz menyorok..

rambot aku afro siot! adib kene cocok idong dgn shuk! alan azam azhar geleng kepale laju-laju, muiz menyorok?

thats rock! until my next post.. bye!

donuts 9.30pm

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7 thoughts on “nerve-ears 2009 the gig! :D

  1. kau tertinggal Sayonara Lonely. before Hero.
    xpe, bosan pn lagu tu. hahahaha

  2. donutss on said:

    jap jap.. aku edit balik.. terlupe oh.. kan ade awek jepon minat lagu tuh.. haha!

  3. .wawaRAWKS. on said:

    aku tapena g gig pungg.
    bwk aku jum HAHA 😀

  4. donutss on said:

    kau boleh jage diri x?
    kalau boleh jage diri, senang skit aku nk bawak..
    tapi aku x beranih la bawak kau..
    buat nye jdi ape2 karang.. ish..

  5. hehe… Afronuts tetap coooooll…. jom r wawa… 18july ni insyallah DBS BotB kat Skatepark 13… bukan gig la… dier acara yang berwaspada sikit… hehe….

    Sayonara best kot… Adam GEMINI minat jugak apa….

    papehal.. aREP!!! 18july!! balik dari penang..!! tgk dbs jom…

    menang BoTB duit do…

  6. donutss on said:

    kalau aku balik aku g taw kau.. tapi kalau uitm tu ade program, srry sgt2 lah.. hehe! tapi mmg aku nk tgk korg maen pon! best kot!

  7. lalalala.. diOrg perfOrm agy t.. ye ye!!!.seb lar perak tuh xde arr jaO sgt ngan kl..

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