boring n waiting

tuesday 16th june 2009

woke up at 12.02pm.. im doing nothing.. just reading my sis mag’s which are cleo, female, n her world.. updating blog, stalking on others blog, open that freaking addicted drug of myspace.. a few comment replied n im watching tele’s.. listening to lenka’s n zee avi’s song.. wondering when will my hair turn into purple in colour sbb baru je colour 2 ari lepas.. ish boring nyer! nk kuar duit xde.. piggy btol.. went to the kitchen for every half an hour to have sumthing to eat “eventhough” i knew that there’s no fud in kitchen left!

p/s : actlly, im waiting for her call b4 she went off.. im guessing that she’s busy.. nevermind.. just take care buddy n have a safe journey.. meet u sum other time.. 😦

donuts 1.08pm

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