cousins meeting :)

saturday 14th june 2009

today i wake up early at 9am.. yeah! its early for me..  usually i wake up at 2pm.. dont bother.. haha! ok ok.. back to the story, today went to CASA INDAH where my uncle n aunty live.. the purposed i came here is to attend for cousins meeting.. there, i met so many “anak buah” which son of my cousins! they r so cute, really cute! rase nk cubit2 je pipi budak2 tuh.. geram gile.. dalam banayk2 budak2 kat situ, i did saw a korean girl  look a like.. ohh man! she’s cute! she’s so small around 2 years old i think.. cute maaa!

my lil sis wif Oshin :D

my lil sis wif Oshin 😀

then we having a lunch that are prepared by my uncle.. we got spegetthi, mee goreng, bubur jagung, roti jala n kari as dip, agar2, ayam goreng, sirap oren, coffee, tea n some more.. penat la nk cerite..

after done having a lunch, all that budak2 are free to swim at the swimming pool inside that appartment.. some of them wearing short, some of them wearing underwear n some of them wearing a swim suit.. its quite funny watching all those kids.. n they really entertained me.. haha!

maen air ;)

maen air 😉

yaey! :D

yaey! 😀

cousins meeting :)

cousins meeting 🙂

after meeting around 6.30pm, im heading back to shah alam.. that little Oshin really cute! 😀

donuts 9.09pm

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