k-rek goes to port dickson! :D

saturday 6th june 2009

it was 5.50am in the morning n im still awake! today im going to PD at 8.30am.. at 6am,anta kakak g KTM coz kakak nk g keje kat KL.. the sam pai umah, pack my things for camp at PD, mandi2, makan cucur badak made up by my mum n final check on my mum’s car, topup sum gas for this cute little Debo(myvi) and im done.. πŸ˜€

at 7am ckgu zainal called

ckgu : “halo arep”

arep : “ye ckgu”

ckgu : “da bgn ke blom? jgn tdo plak..da kul 7 ni ha..”

arep : “da bgn lame da..dari semlm x tdo.. haha! alan azam sumer da bgn ke?”

ckgu : “da bgn da..dorg tgh kemas barang..”

arep : “ok ok.. arep nk call azam jap..alan suro amik nasik lemak dgn azam..”

ckgu : “ok jgn lmbat taw..8am mesti ade kat dpn skolah tuh..”

arep : “baiklah..”

7.30am call azam plak..

arep : “azam ko nk amik nasik lemak kat mane?”

azam : “amik kat 18..nnt aku call ko balik.. nk mandi jap..”

arep : “orait!”

unfortunately, my phone is on a silent mode! so i missed a call from azam.. so azam g amik nasik lemak sorg sorg.. srry azam! ;P

at 7.50am, all senior n super senior gather in front of the skewl.. i can c a lot of parents cars here..there is 1 bus and 2 van.. ckgu already there to conduct all the student who goes to PD.. tapi biler tgk ckgu kesian ohhh, penat sungguh ckgu.. the “tak best” part is when student yg nk pegi trip nih dtg lmbat.. perghhhh~! tension kot! but luckily, all student manage to come b4 8.30am.. azam making a last check for student..unfortunately..

azam : “ckgu! ade sorg xde..name dier budin(if im not mistaken, his name is budin..srry.. ;P)”

ckgu : “ya allah! mane dier?! gomal! azim! faris! call budin!”

gomal : “baiklah.. saye call!”

azim : “x dpt la ckgu..xde org angkat..tdo kot..”

faris : “smlm da bgtaw da kat dier suru dtg kul 8 kat sini..”

ckgu : “da lmbat da nih..da 8.30am da..bus pon nk gerak da nih..”

at 8.35am, the bus took off and make away to PD..budin call by the time we are on the highway..lantak la kau.. sape suro lmbat.. we go to PD by 1 bus, 2 vans (drove by alan n abg jeliro) n 2 cars (drove by me n ckgu) n 1 motorcycle ride by muiz.. so total is 6 vehicle.. quite a lot dont u think? abg jeliro wif palai n 14 students.. alan wif helmi nΒ  13 students.. azam, azhar, pika wif mat wif 40 student.. ckgu wif kucai.. me wif azfar n lydia,mai n syafiqa.. n last but not least is muiz wif his motorcycle.. so the total is 78 peeps.. lets go! πŸ˜‰

azfar, lydia, mai dgn syafiqa asik berperang je dlm kete tuh.. bapak bising glie! aku yg ngantok teros jadi x ngantok.. seb baek korg ade.. if not, for sure i will yawn a lot.. thanks!

around 10am, we finally reach pantai sri purnama at PD! yay! at first, alan bahagi bahagikan khemah kat student.. 4 peeps in one tent..then we set up all tents there, sum of them know how to “build” it n sum not..luckily, there are many student willing to help their frens.. “ape yg penting?! kerjasama! wonderpets!” πŸ˜€

then alan n azam divide the student in 7 group..they r going to have their first LDK which is latihan dalam kumpulan.. they need to create a flag wif “logo” for thier group name.. the weird thing is, there is a group name poyo n perot.. ish ish ish.. merepek je dorg nih.. they also need to make their own “cheer”.. x kesah la whether nk buat tepukan or cheer leading or maybe jumping2, itu buat sendiri..kn kn?

then we are having a lunch around 2pm.. luch made by ckgu azhar n pika..they cook a sardin wif sayur campur n looks so yummy! arghhh! starving oledy maaa.. but im not going to eat first bcoz nk bg student2 tu makan dulu..so makan asap je la dgn palai..

after luch around 3pm.. allgroup need to present wat they have made.. time present nih, there r so many question been asked! kesian org yg nk menjawab tuh.. knape lmbang tu camni? knape x camtu? tu ape? ni ape? knpae hijau? knape x kuning? yg peliknyer, super monkey group, banana should be yellow! not green lah! and that banana looks like a cili! berok x makan cili! hahaha! kesian btol group tuh kene hentam wif so many ques.. πŸ˜‰

around 5pm, we let them enjoy at the beach for a while.. its a vacay, so have fun peeps! ckgu ckp “mandi tuh jangan jauh2 sgt! nnt ssh nk carik korg! bahaye btol budak2 nih..risau aku..”

at nite around 8.30pm, all group needed to make thier own “lakonan berpasukan” or perhaps singing for tomorrow nite Malam Kebudayaan.. but all of them choose to having a “lakonan” bcoz they think it is easier than singing.. wait! i prefer singing rather than acting.. much easier lah.. korg nih pelik.. πŸ˜›

at 11pm, we having a supper and they need to sleep early bcoz they must have full enrgy bcoz tomorow will be so tired nk mampos! i couldnt sleep n still having a chat wif alan, azam, palai, wani, pika, syafiqah, mai, lydia, helmi, mat, azfar, izah, mira, azim faris, shami, kucai, hakim n gomal.. lots of ketawa! klaka btol cerite2 dorg nih..around 2am..

azam : “weh! azhar! alan! muiz da tdo.. jom r!”

alan : “jom jom! pelan skit nnt muiz dgr..haha!”

azhar : “yes! aku mmg tgh lapak gler nih..”

rupe rupenyer dorg nk g makan roti.. x nk kejot muiz sbb muiz nih makan banyak sgt.. wakakaka! kesian muiz.. wahahaha! around 3am, i went into ckgu’s tent to sleep, but ckgu still x tdo..ckgu ajak sembang pastu bergosip pastu kacau2 org lalu2 depan khemah dier.. haha! best btol bersembang mlm tuh.. πŸ˜€

ckgu zainal hisdustanian ;)

ckgu zainal hisdustanian πŸ˜‰

form 4 senior : wani mai lydia syafqah azim gomal faris

form 4 senior : wani mai lydia syafqah azim gomal faris

sunday 7th jun 2009

today is a 2nd day for this vacay.. last nite i sleep at 4am n today i woke up at 7am..n im excited for the activity of the day.. when i wake up, i go straight to them(student yg tgh berkumpul) for having an exercise activity.. yeah! ckgu perform a “senamrobik” follow by all the senior.. haha! klaka tengok ckgu nyer “senamrobik”.. sgt lah pelik.. haha! it is quite funny though.. πŸ˜€

after “senamrobik”, we having a breakfast.. is is a bread wif mushroom soup as dip.. so sedap maaa.. thanks azhar! nnt boleh la buat kat umah.. then ckgu having his own slot after breakfast.. ckgu is giving a motivation about “kepimpinan diri” and they looks so fun n enjoy wif ckgu.. then we brought them to the shore n sit under the tree by the shore..

then azim, faris, gomal, shami n hakim tought them a new song n how to move it.. its really hallarious by looking them perform that song.. that song is made by themselves.. it calls “zoom zoom pa ku eh” n “akustokin”.. sounds weird rite? if u all c how did they done it, u will not stop laughing.. hahaha! πŸ˜€

then wani, mai, syafiqah, lydia, izah n mira perform a song made by themselves also call “berok gile” n “cerek air”.. those girl really tickles my ketiak n quite funny! then me n palai join those girl.. we make it a bit faster n hyper! can u imagine when “berok gile” garu badan n then garu bontot laju-laju? its awesome n fun like hell! hahahaha! i dont wanna do dat again bcoz its shameful.. πŸ˜›

then the student need to do their LDK once again after lunch.. while they r in LDK, were set up a place for them for evening activity which is explorace! in this explorace, they need to find all 7 checkpoint.. at 5pm, the explorace began.. me n palai just only as “fake checkpoint”.. if they think we are those checkpoint, then they got punish or in the other word “denda”.. lots of them got prank by us.. haha! damn! we r gud at convincing n cheating people.. πŸ˜›

sadly, none of them manage to go to all those checkpoint.. group “poyo” is the only team that got the highest checkpoint count which is 6 checkpoint.. around 7pm, all guys senior went to sea to swim n play “monyet-monyet”.. around 8.30pm, we r having dinner n then all the student dicussed about their LDK..bcoz tonite they will present what did they wanna act about.. while waiting for the clock shows 10pm, alan, azhar, mat, palai n me having a sparing contest! haha! this sparing very funny.. move in a slow-motion mode.. tumbuk dgn sepak x kene.. pukul gelak-gelak.. haha! klaka je sparing nih.. πŸ˜€

at 10pm, all student r ready n they r performing their “sketsa”.. let me b honest wif u, lakonan from the group sgt lah boring.. x abis-abis rempit, gay pastu ROI.. then suddently, senior form 4 want to perform a “lakonan”.. senior form 4 is azim, gomal, faris, hakim n shami.. the story called “cinta si buta dan bisu”.. they r really talented! n they are funny also! gosh so funny! haha! rahang mulut boleh kejang sbb gelak tgk diorg melawak.. πŸ˜€

then at 1.00am, we going to have another activity called “sayang salmah”.. in this game, all the students need to covered up the eyes till they cant c anything or the other word is “mcm org buta”.. then we brought them for a walk cross a “longkang”, duck under a pipe, step on a stairs n then leave them alone till 3am.. sum of them are already sleep.. sum of them bercakap sorg-sorg n the other tgh fight wif “nyamok” yg tgh lapa..

then at 4am, after “sayang salmah” is done, i went to my tent to sleep..

faris bagi makan kucing name mira :D

faris bagi makan kucing name mira πŸ˜€

azim ngantok izah semangat

azim ngantok izah semangat

mari belajar menari! zoom zoom zomm! :D

mari belajar menari! zoom zoom zomm! πŸ˜€

monday 8th june 2009

i woke up late and the clock shows 11am.. ckgu yg kejot.. ngantok sgt coz its been 2 day x cukup tdo.. so td claim la skit waktu tdo.. when i went outside the tent, there is nobody around bcoz all of them went to beach for another activity called “sand castle”.. while they are making sand castle, alan, azam, azfar, palai, mat n me are “taman” helmi in the sand..we left his tummy untouched while he is being “tanam” by us.. but siriouslyΒ  helmi looks like a teleTUMMIES after we put some deco.. haha! srry helmi!

then then at noon, having a lunch together wif all the senior.. talking how gud this fud r..sedap oohh! then i realize that lydia was not there! unfortunately, she’s went back home already..sian dier x dapat makan lauk yg ckgu, azhar dgn pika buat nih.. πŸ˜› after having their meal, ckgu ave sumthing to say b4 talk about kemas khemah.. after that we clean up the place wif a helping hand from all the senior.. at 3.30pm were heading to teluk kemang for a little shoppink spree! we stop thare for an hour..at 4.30pm, were heading back to shah alam..on a way back, i didnt feel sleepy at all bcoz wani, syafiqah n mai asik nk bertekak je kat dalam kete tuh.. aduyai.. πŸ˜‰

its been a nice weekend this week.. from shah alam to melaka to shah alam to PD to shah alam.. fuhh..! penat..

game "sambung-sambung"

game "sambung-sambung"

faris myself azim gomal :D

faris myself azim gomal πŸ˜€

thats all for today.. c ya on my next post! πŸ™‚

donuts 7.48am

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8 thoughts on “k-rek goes to port dickson! :D

  1. mak aih..panjang gile la sengal ! -_-‘
    okay,btw org dah lama post,arep baru nk post..
    lambat laaa…

  2. cheesedale! 7.30am aku da kt 18 lah tggu nasi lemak siap.

  3. hahaha
    aku bace ko nye citer
    ambil mase 2 ari
    la donut

  4. donutss on said:

    yeke? apesal? panjang sgt eh? hahaha!
    sory sebab english aku bertabor!

  5. panjangg gileee. ehh2 ade gmba eiqa lahh.

  6. donutss on said:

    bace sampai abis!

  7. weh! ok lydia lagi ketinggalan ni. haha nak photophoto PD kat sini yaw http://www.flickr.com/photos/lilsaysholla/

    sekian πŸ™‚

  8. donutss on said:

    weh!! klaka lah gamba yg kau amik tu! thanks for the link! aku gelak terbahak2 kot! πŸ˜€

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