afamosa resort!

wednesday 3rd june 2009

6am – talipon topek..

arep : “woi bangun lah! da kul brape da nih..”

topek : “ok ok aku bgn la nih..skang da kul brape?”

arep : “skang da kul 6 da! kate nk gerak kul 6?! nih aku plak yg kejot kau.. cepat mandi.. aku tggu kat umah..”

topek : ” ok ok..chow..”

2o mins later,topek arrived rite outside my house.. then we off to malacca wif wandi n luqman(topek’s lil brother).. we take a break at R&R seremban to have a cigarrate.. then we sing and dance in that car all the way to malacca.. lots of ketawa riang bahagia..

wandy arep topek n luqman

wandy myself topek n luqman

around 8.30am we finnally arrived at afamosa resort.. it is so beautiful maaaa! looks very peaceful n so harmony.. hmmm what else can i describe it? all i can say is it is so so so so chantek!

welcome to afamosa!

welcome to afamosa!

we stayed in topek’s mum house..the house is quite big wif no fences n i feel like i was at UK..haha! berangan je keje aku.. without notice, i fall asleep.. very tired bcoz x tdo dari smlm.. Zzz Zzz Zzz..

bangun pukul 4.30pm then take a walk around the neighbourhood and i can c that a few house already have their family inside.. at nite we have a dinner at….dont know what place it is but it just 10 mins from afamosa.. 😉

thursday 4th june 2009

wandi said that we can use the swimming pool in the apartment but we r not going there..we r going to sneak into empty houses n find the best swimming pool.. it is happen at 6.30pm when we curi-curi mandi dekat swimming pool rumah org lain.. it is such a kepuasan! sbb mmg teringin giler kot nk mandi pool! the funny thing is, when there is a guard patroling outside the house, we stop swimming, but when the guard went away, we start making noise n  a few lompat2 ke dalam air.. busssshh~! spalshhhh~! 😀

lets find a place to swim!

lets find a place to swim!

friday 5th june 2009

12.00am hotlink give me a free call for the day from maxis to maxis only.. it is my bufday..! yay! i turned 20 today! just having a chat wif topek n wandi n luqman.. playing PS2 games.. gelak2 shaja..

got a few text message saying “happy bufday arep!”.. anyone who send it, i reply it wif a call! haha! free kot, x kan x maw gune.. LOL! then bersembang2 sampang kul 2.30am.. then kepale sgt pening n sleep lah..

bangun kul 10am.. then i take a quick bath, eat breakfast then around 11am we off to shah alam.. thats the day at melaka.. it’s not so fun like topek mentioned earlier.. ape ape so..

bye bye afamosa

bye bye afamosa

donutss 2.32am

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2 thoughts on “afamosa resort!

  1. Ahahaha siot jumpa juga kau. Aku punya la meng-invisible-kan diri ahah.

  2. donutss on said:

    hahahha! aku hebat kot.. dapat jugak jumpe ko!

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