a day out! ;)

wednesday 20th may 2009

zrettt zretttttt.. zretttttt zrettt.. LG KS360 is vibrating.. it’s a call from fara..

fara : “arep, bgn laa.. amin dgn yad da kat umah aku nih..”

arep : “apesal dorg kat umah ko?ade ape?”

clock shows that its almost 9.30am..i think i miss sumthing..

fara : “arinih kan kitenk kuar 4 org! lupe ke?!”

ooowh crap! i really forget about that! 😦

arep : “oowhh! a’ah! srry2 aku lupe..! k k.. aku mandi skang!chow!”

fara : “cepat skit taw!bye..”

around 10.20am, yad amin n fara sampai lah d rumahku.. but it took about 50 mins to comes to my house??? padahal dekat je kot umah aku dgn fara..

arep : “apesal korg lmbat gler do? bukan jauh pon umah aku dgn fara..”

amin : “ko nk taw knpe? fara nih baru nk mndi time dier call kau tuh..”

yad : “hahaha! lmbab gler do dier mnd pastuh nk mekap lagi..”

fara : “alaaa biar la.. hahaha!”

then we having a breakfast meal at ali’s corner..but they called me selekeh.. bcoz i wear a plain black tee’s, n a short pants like nk pegi pantai.. wahahaha!

yad : “lepas bekfes ko tukar sluar ko..”

fara : “arep kan biase selekeh..haha!”

amin : “aku nk pakai camtu la sebenarnye..tp korg x bagi..terpakse pakai jeans..”

arep : “ye laa..aku tukar sat g lepak mkn nih..”

ish ish ish..even a short pants can really b a big prob..wahahaha! so after having breakfast, i decided to wear a jeans.. puas ati korg?? 😉

front seat(from left):fara and arep.. back seat(from left):amin and yad

front seat(from left):fara and arep.. back seat(from left):amin and yad

11am.. so then, off we go! were heading to one utama which is located at damansara.. took about an hour.. did u notice that? an hour! we go as slow as we can.. no need to rush n got a lot of things to b chat with..lots of gelak ketawa riang bahagia..

riang gumbira!

riang gumbira!

we are taking lots of pics during this day out because we dont wanna miss a thing here.. these are sum of it.. watch it! 😀

knape dgn muke ko amin?

knape dgn muke ko, amin?

haha! :D

haha! 😀

it has a lot of type of fish in that rainforest garden.. very cantik ohh! hmm.. there got to be a lot more pics to show but tunjuk yg mane yg perlu je lah kn? haha! then kitorg g minum kat Secret Receipe kat tepi garden nih.. the funny part is the drink that i order.. its a FRESH MILK! muahahhaha! duit da banyak habis ohh! so minum FRESH MILK je la.. it’s gud for ya health! 😀

yad is having a brownies..damn! looks so yummy with that chocolate on it.. tha cake is so soft! arghh.. wish that i can meke my own bronies.. can u imagine how gud n delicious they r? 😉

delicious! thanks yad!

delicious! thanks yad!

no komen

no komen 😉

i like this pic! :D

i like this pic! 😀

at 2 pm, we heading to the cinema to watch a movie which is the FIREBALL! it is a thailand movie.. it comes froms the director of ONG BAK.. it surely a gado-gado terbang-terbang film! must b great! this story is a bout a group of basketball player who play a basketball tournament in freaking death match!

the rule is…….”no rule” c how cool this movie r? u better watch it dude bcoz it has a lot of fighting n killing n jumping n skilling n knocking n of course lots of cursing(is it a rite word to spell curse+ing? dont care.. :D) and no shooting!

3.45pm.. were heading home but luckily fara’s sister called n told fara to pick her up at 6pm at putrajaya! damn! got another place to go? but were ok bcoz fara the one whose driving, not us.. hahaha!

4.30pm.. arrived at putrajaya but we got about 1 hour n 30 mins b4 we can pick fara’s sister.. so, were heading to ALAMANDA for a window shopping.. xde duit la nk shop.. then were having a meal at the garden outside this ALAMANDA..having a few bite of roti, sausage n drink grape F&N.. 😀

sitting n smoking.. :)

sitting, eating, drinking n smoking.. 😉

around 6pm were pick fara’s sister up which is Kak Ngah.. very pemalu la orgnyer.. but we dont care.. were just having lots of conversation n laughing all the time.. unfortunately, Kak Ngah ask fara to go to her fren house which located kampung ape ntah.. at first, we thought that Kak Ngah fren live dekat2 alamanda nih but Kak Ngah do freak us out when she bring us to the sumkind of nuklear process sumthing which is the AELB.. that AELB is in the middle of hutan mane ntah.. n her fren house located much further away..

the day fall darker n darker n finnally we reach Kak Ngah fren house.. yes, it is really type of kampung, so sunyi n dark.. hehe! then were of to shah alam! around 9.30pm, were arrived home safely n feels so so so damn tired but happy as happy we are..

thats all for today..bye bye! thanks for the read! 😉

donuts 6.16am

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2 thoughts on “a day out! ;)

  1. bongok lah kaw ni arep! 🙂

  2. sheba on said:

    pnjg yer cter..
    tak larat oh nk bce..
    patot la ari tu ckp ko tulis blog lme gler..
    ok fine aku dah fhm..
    hahaha =D

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