go-kart time! ;D

thursday 14th may 2009

yes yes! i just cant wait to talk about this! today were going to play go-kart! yay! c’mon cheer up! yay! ;D

enough that..haha! but unfortunately i cant play that go-kart thing bcoz i misplace my wallet..damn! if i have it, it will cost twice the fun! 😉

here its begins..it was around 9am sum’in..”ring ring!”..that was my first ringing of the day which is for me too early..who’s calling me?! damn.. i need sleep ok?! but suddently it changed..

arep    : “hello..? haaa topek, apahal?”

topek : “go-kart jom! aku dgn awek aku dan kengkawan dier..”

arep : “brape ringgit? aku tgh broke maa..rm 20 tu ade la..”

topek : “alaaa.. rm 50 je..ko utang aku dulu pon ok gak..”

arep    : “hmmm.. kalau aku x maen tp aku nk tengok je bleh x?”

topek : “boleh bro.. xdehal.. k nnt aku amik ko kul 11am”

arep    : “ok chow!”

by the time it was 11am, taufiq arrived.. n i said to taufiq that i lost my wallet.. he just shocked..

topek : “ko letak kat mane? bilik ko? bilik pc ko? bawah kusi? sumer da cek?”

arep    : “aku da cek da..da dekat 3 4 kali aku cek.. xpe la.. gerak je la.. babi r wallet nih! da da..jom gerak.. sap rokok lagi feel.. selamat bapak aku ade tinggal rokok dier..wahahaha!”

topek : “rokok ibrahim pon ko nk pau”

arep    : “alaaaa, bapak ko jugak..rilex sudah.. wkakaka!”

topek : “huahuahua! jom gerak..”

then we go straight to subang go-kart if im not mistake..topek’s gf n her frens r there waiting for us.. but the bad news is, that stupid go-kart are closed bcoz their staff gone for holiday? damn! 😦

then aiseb,yati’s closest fren, said that they r one more go-kart AROUND here which is at cyberjaya.. wat the fuck? cyberjaya?! its not AROUND here.. its way up AROUND there! 😦 da la wallet ilang,pastu kene berjalan to putrajaya without IC n licence.. god pls dont let me got caught.. amin..

the go-kart at cyberjaya open after 4pm and the watch on topek wrist showed that its about 2 pm..so we got 2 hours to wait n we suggested that were going to alamanda to have a lunch..did u still remember that i didnt have any wallet rite? that day, topek n yati treat me a lunch meal.. yay! thanks a lot! 😀

around 4pm, were heading to cyberjaya.. it just took about 10 mins from alamanda.. when i was there at cyberajaya, i was amazed by the scenery at that place.. it was STUNNING!the lake was so BEAUTIFUL! n i did saw yuna.. she’s wearing a pink tee’s.. i think she’s making her video clip for her song which is “dan sebenarnya“.. go go go yuna! 😉

4.30pm.. all the preparation has complete..now its time for race time! i didnt play that go-kart.. da xde duit tu phm2 la kan? xkn nk maen jugak.. for me, its quite fun to watch they riding that cute little go-kart..hehe! very funny! the most funniest is the one who wear a purple tee’s.. she always do that “drift” kind of thing.. damn! she’s gud at it! every lap, she’s drifting like she used to it.. oh man! im jealous! all i can say, she’s really a “drifter” 😉

after alot of ketawa n pic snapping, were finally got rest.. they are talking how they ride those cute things..hahaha! very funny! 😀 this is few snap that i can share wif u..enjoy! 😉

they both so sweet..!

they both so sweet..!

u cannot catch me.. ;P

u cannot catch me.. ;P



hello? mama! i can really do the drift! :P

hello? mama! i can really do the drift! 😛

sitting(from left): ara, drifter, yati's fren, kaka ijau, aiseb n ijad.. behind(from left): yati, topek n that me..

sitting(from left): ara, drifter, yati's fren, kakak ijau, aiseb n ijad.. behind(from left): yati, topek n thats me..

donuts 4.17am

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