mad n fun

sunday 2nd may 2009

alright! today its a day of mixed of perasaan.. hakhak! why? because being stressed, sleepy, hungry, scared, funny and mad..

the clock r ticking n shows 5 in the morning..i still on my desk n got a lot to study because in less than 4 hours, im going to face mat235 paper.. im so stressed because a lot of things to study yet.. at the same time, my stomach keep on making a ‘sound’ of hungry.. argh.. lapanye.. nevermind, i just need to hold on till 11am so that i can have my meal after my exam paper.. but the part that i didnt like is living in this rented house alone..damn!

around 8.30am, i take a bath, put some deo, wear my tees n jeans, a few touch up on my hair so that i can look like a really nice nerd guy.. at 8.45am, im off to campus to take my exam..

after the exam, i know that i didnt really score on that paper..feels really mad at myself.. huhu.. at 1st i thought im goin to have a meal but seems like i cant do well on my paper n that spoiled my mood.. without talking much, im going back to my appartment.. watching tele till 4pm.. 😦

around 4pm, im calling my fren to pick me up because i wanna go home back to shah alam.. the bus to shah alam only available at 4.30pm n if i late, next bus is 11.30pm.. at 4.25pm, arrived at the bus station n teros beli tiket.. around 4.40pm, the bus to shah alam arrived.. i seat next to a girl.. this is part that i like.. πŸ™‚

when i seat next to her, i heard that she sing a song.. it is from siti nurhaliza! hakhak! tickles me inside.. she sings about 10 mins i think but seriously she got a nice voice! πŸ˜€

then a few mins later, she ask me a question sounds like this “dari penang ke KL brape jam?” my answer is “5 jam..u benti shah alam or pudu?” n she says “pudu..” n after that we talk non-stop for 5 hours straight.. hakhak! she is kind of funny happy go lucky girl unfortunately she’s 24 years old.. but is gud to have frens older than myself.. hehe! n i got her phone number also.. yeah! she is 170cm, not bad just nice n very funny..

till now we still contact with each other even x penah jumper lepas tu.. πŸ˜‰

donuts 2.40am

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One thought on “mad n fun

  1. .wawaRAWKS. on said:

    gatai ! haha.

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