the failure of earth hour but.. ;)

sunday 29th march 2009

it is started wif 5 person which is arep(me), taQ, topek, cat, daus.. all of them are planning to go to celebrate earth hour at bukit langat where we can see a nice scenery of KL turns dark..but then cat dont want to join us bcoz i think he is busy wif his topek plan to invite another person which is his girlfriend which is yati..its ok,no problem! but then another couple want to join us which is zariq n hanin..speaking of hanin, she just turned 20 last night..i have a few words to say to u.. “u are older than me hanin..” hikhik! happy bufday girl! 😉

the celebration of the earth hour is on 8.30pm to 9.30pm and im picking up my frens which is topek, yati, taQ n daus by my mum Myvi at 7.45pm.. zariq n hanin go by themselves with Jazz..

but unfortunately zariq n hanin need us as a guide to go to bukit its ok, we are waiting for them..but they reach us after 25 mins! damn it! is already earth hour bcoz at that time the clock is already 8.30pm! i hate waiting! then we keep on cont ‘trip’ to bukit langat sbb nk tgk KL bukak lampu was late so i drove a car like a mad guy,drafting,very fast! when we reach ampang, there is massive traffic jam..the clock is ticking n showed us 9.03pm.. aku igtkn sempat la nk g naek bukit langat tu..but mmg x sempat..bcoz we reach bukit langat at 9.40pm..fuck! all the plan is ruined! 😦

i was really angry but then i reallize that we did enjoyed the trip bcoz all the way to langat,theres a lot of ketawa terbahak-bahak guling2.. it is bcoz the frens who make that nite enjoy even dalam kerete sahaja.. thanks guys! 😉

face of us who bring joy n fun! ;)

face of us who bring joy n fun! 😉

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