healthy as before ;)

saturday 28th march 2009

6.30pm – im heading 2 PPUM wheres my mum got into dad,sis n i driving tru heavy rain.. it takes about an hour to reach PPUM bcoz there is a massive traffic jam goin on..

7.45pm – reach PPUM n went to 3rd floor,wad perubatan 2,katil 16.. all i can today is my mum is healthy as before.. she looks fine.. my sis making jokes n my mum ketawa juga sgt riang.. hikhik! tp i can c from her face that a little kesedihan.. maybe bcoz mak x ske dok kat hosp kot.. sorg2 kat dlm bilik yg agak besar.. maybe my mum rindoo suasana at home.. but we try our best to make her happy.. my sis laughing around.. she did luv that..

8.45pm – after about one hour,my dad,sis n i pon pulang sbb my dad got an appointment wif his boss at 10pm.. b4 pulang,sempat jugak bersalaman dgn mak..rase sedih pon ade sbb da lame x dgr mak ckp “arep! da pukul brape x tdo2 nih?! asik dok mengadap komputer tu jer! bil elektrik da melambong taw x?!” hakhak! eventhough dier tgh marah,i just laughing n tersengih-sengih like a kerang bakar.. wakakakka! “alaaaa..jap lagi arep tutup la..” actlly,aku x turn off that pc,only the monitor screen.. srry mum! ;D

9.45pm – reach home.. watching tv for few sgt ngantok.. then u all know what happen rite? Zzz Zzz Zzz.. 😉

face of my mum waiting to go home..

face of my mum waiting to go home..

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