my mum at hosp! :(

wednesday 25th march 2009

watching tv3 wif housem8 but suddenly at 9pm,my Sony Ericcson W660i which is black in colour wif a gold stripe and having a keychain that given by my love one hanging under the phone,ringing.. face of  ‘kak long’ appeared at the phone.. ring ring.. ring ring..

arep: “hello,kak long nape call?”

kak long: “haa,ko taw x mak masuk hosp?”

arep: “yeke?! biler masuk?! hosp maner?!”

kak long: “baru jer anta td..abah anta mak g hosp PPUM.. ape2 hal ko tepon abah k?”

arep: “ok ok,chow!”

that time i swear that im so freaking out! tros call abah.. cek phonebook type ‘A’ then the word ‘abah’ appeared just like that.. start calling.. truutt trruutt.. trruutt trruutt..

arep: “haaa abah! mak camner? ok ke x ok?”

abah: “x taw lagi result dier..baru jer masuk..lagi 2 jam baru dapat taw result..”

arep: “owhh yeke? nnt ape ape txt arep taw! k k,bye,as’kum..”

so that nite im very worried about my mum.. but seems boleh bantai gelak2 lagi dgn membe2.. but that’s me..being funny just to tell everyone that im ok but in fact, gosh! reaallyyy worryyyy~!

then i let my love one know, n im glad that she’s freaking out too.. haha! bcoz lately she’s being kejamness to me.. srry darl.. hikhik! luv u! then she ask a few WH question which is WHAT, WHEN n WHY..  thanks for being so caring.. luv u! cont watching tv3 but im not paying attention to that fucking tv bcoz wrry about my mum.. da la lame gle x balik umah.. cian kat mak..

then at 11pm, a song lucky by jason mraz berkumandang kat phone aku.. it is a tone for massage alert.. unlocked the phone by pressing ‘*’ n ‘unlock’ button.. it is a txt from abah! n there is sumtin that i dont wanna read.. but it says ‘comfirm denggi’.. dalam ati aku da maki hamun da kat nyamuk2 yg kacau manusia nih.. lagi lagi sampai buat mak aku kene denggi.. @#$%^&*! lagi la tension then tros cube nk tdo but still cant.. i said to my dad that im going home on friday bcoz i have a lecture forMAT235 on friday morning.. tc abah n mak! miss them a lot..   😦

just hangin there mum!

just hangin there mum!

thursday 26th march 2009

when i woke up at 9.48am,the first thing that come out from my mind is ‘is mum ok?’.. and the first word that come out from my mouth is ‘shit!’.. wanna know y? it is bcoz i was late for the lecture.. this is for the 5th time i late for todays class but its ok bcoz i will tell the lecturer that i have no transport to go to the campus..she’ll understand that n bcoz of that i always running up late for her lecture..srry.. im not being a bad guy but i really dont have any transport at penang..lets get back to the story.. aku mandi cepat2 dan sgt cepat but dont worry,gosok gigi itu penting..put on a deodorant, wearing a long sleve shirt wif jeans, a few touch up at the hair n im off to campus!

about 10.15 am, YANG BERHORMAT En Mohd Ariff bin Ibrahim entered the class like there is nothing wrong.. wkakakaka! actlly i already late for 1 hour and 15 mins.. everyone is looking at me,every pairs of eyes is looking at me until i sat on my kerusi plastik.. have u ever feel that kind of situation when everybody is looking at u? damn! it just ‘late‘ ok? nothing wrong wif it guys! stop looking at me n look at the lecturer! (ckp dalam ati jer..x brani nk ckp ikot mulut..)

bla bla bla..bla bla bla.. (the lecturer is talking alone at the front of the class)

at 10.35am, the lecturer said “u can go home n make sure u all understand that ok?”, but less than a minute everyone is gone..! wtf! mane yg laen? da ilang g mkn lah nih.. at the mean time,a genius god given brain of mine tells that i need to ambil hati lecturer tuh.. then, without wasting any more time, i tell her a bout the problem on a tutorial question that she gave last week.. gosh! im gud at ambil hati.. hakhak!! the funny thing about this is i only attend for the class for a bout 20 mins! damn! i would tdo dari dtg kelas yg langsung x phm ape2 nih.. so tired n lazy lah..

after that,im goin to the next class for today which end at 12am.. then pegi makan nasi tomato.. making few jokes wif the frens,laughing,playing n a few bluffing also..hikhik! then goin back to rumah sewe..yay! boleh rilex for 2day.. but then terpikir pasal my mum.. then cepat2 packing barang n bertolak to shah alam by bus..around 8pm,finally arrived at hentian pudu..then ask my bestfren to send me to PPUM to see my mum.. miss her a 9.30pm, finally got to c my mum! yay! she seems ok.. we r making a few conversation..bla bla bla.. glad to c her ok! the doc said that my mum is ‘ok’.. that is what i wanted to hear.. thanks god! thanks doc! about 10pm i say gudbye to my mum bcoz pnt duduk dlm bus.. on the way home,i feel very calm and happy and i can put a big smile on my face.. that’s the story of the day! 😉

butterworth - hentian duta - kl sentral - mcD - PPUM - shah alam

butterworth - hentian duta - kl sentral - mcD - PPUM - shah alam

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